Friday, March 19, 2010

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Toddler Bed Conversion

When we were expecting monkey girl, we (okay, mostly I, since hubby hates shopping) had fun looking for the decor for our nursery. We decided on a convertible crib from Babies R Us that would change into a toddler bed and then a full size bed. Of course we have to buy the rails for both of those separately. A few months ago, we ordered the conversion rails for her toddler bed and it had since been sitting in her closet. Two days ago Dadda monkey made the conversion.

Monkey girl was intrigued by it, but didn't want to nap in it. We were okay with this since she occasionally goes without her daily nap and I figured it would just make her more tired for bedtime. I was right and around 8:30 we had no trouble putting her to bed. We pulled her door so it was almost closed and the next morning she got up, walked out, and came into our room asking for breakfast.

A little off topic here, but I mentioned before that we're not morning people so our toddler's bedtime is a little late compared to some of my friends here. I just can't fathom putting her to bed at 7:00, and the worst part (to me), getting up at 6 am with her? Am I really the only one with these later times?

That afternoon, she got tired and laid down on the floor while watching TV. Apparently she was more tired than I thought and she fell asleep there. I left her there while I went to make Bro Bro monkey a bottle and when I came back upstairs she had made her own way to her bed and was now asleep in her room. Score! This wasn't hard at all. She's fully accepted this new change to her bed. At least it seemed that way... To be continued tomorrow.



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  8. What cute kiddos! We're about to move from a crib to a bed, too. What a process.

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  10. Good luck with the bedding!! My son took to it right away, then he had some issues (getting up and playing in his room at 2 am!!) but now he is getting better again!!!

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