Friday, March 5, 2010

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Date Night

After we had our first child, we talked about having a weekly date night that was just for us; a little moment of couple time to reconnect. We shortly found out that that was much easier said than done. For one thing, we had trouble finding a good sitter. One of the drawbacks of not living near family is that it's harder to get out of the house. Also neither of us really felt comfortable leaving monkey girl. Then after Bro Bro monkey was born all that was just compounded.

Tonight was supposed to be our first time out together in quite some time. We planned to have a nice dinner and then probably a movie. Sounds simple enough, right? We found a competent sitter who has spent time with the kids before. So we set off for dinner and tried not to talk about missing the monkeys. Dinner was great it was a nice quiet place with some great food. We shared a couple of things and enjoyed just being together. Then we talked about the movie, there's not much either of us were eager to see, but we settled on something and headed toward the theater. We merely got close to the theater and saw the throngs of people and we just looked at each other and said forget it. Apparently being a shut-in with our family for a good part of the past two years means we can't fathom having to venture into a crowd. I literally cringed at the thought of having to stand in line and sit in a crowded, noisy theater to watch a movie (Friday was clearly not the night we should have done this).

We immediately headed away, but didn't want to go straight home yet. As we passed a sporting goods store we thought we'd stop to go in. We'd been talking about trying to get back into shape and so picked a couple of things up. It sounds silly, but being able to look around the store without worrying about the monkeys made for a pretty good Friday (date) night in my book. We've agreed to look for something on pay per view this weekend for us to watch after the kids go to bed. Curling up on the couch with my husband in the quiet of my own house sounds like a much better way to watch a movie to me anyways. Happy Friday everyone!


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