Monday, March 1, 2010

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Potty Chair!

So it's potty training time. I was clued in to this by the fact that my 23 month old monkey kept running up to us, saying 'Momma' or 'Dadda' and handing us her diaper then turning to run, bare bottomed, in the other direction. This was quite a fun little game until 'Momma' decided I could finish looking at something on the computer and she proceeded to pee on the floor right next to me.  She now enjoys taking off all her clothes and running around like a little banshee.

Well, we decided to look for a decent potty chair that wouldn't be too complicated and take away from the focus that is potty training. We made a big to do about buying a potty chair and she managed to pronounce potty chair (more on the speech issue soon). We let her help us look at the computer while we viewed our options and we narrowed it down to two. One was a multi-function potty chair that became a seat you can place on the potty and a step stool as well and the other was a simple Baby Bjorn potty chair. I read somewhere that being able to clean the chair easily should play into your decision making and so I opted for the one with less parts to it.

Our blue (so BroBro monkey can use it later) Baby Bjorn potty chair arrived and we ceremoniously set it up in the bathroom. We bought a pack of pullups and now, 3 weeks later, she's used it once! Yep, I'm serious, in 3 weeks, we've managed to go potty in it once. We've sat on it countless number of times, and she loves saying 'potty chair' now, but once is all we've managed. We've agreed we're taking it slow so we'll keep at it and I'm sure it'll come in time. I will say that the one time we used it, it was a very simple dump out and wipe down so I'm pleased with my choice of chairs. Hopefully, the satisfaction of potty training will be near as well.


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