Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

The monkeys and I have all picked out what we're going to be for Halloween 2012. We're going with the Little Red Riding Hood theme, but with an additional baby big bad wolf learning from his momma big bad wolf. Dadda monkey, however, loves to go all out for Halloween and prefers it to be scary. It's been hotly debated at our house whether or not we do scary or cute. I think we've compromised and leaning towards scary, but not too scary for our little ones (think fog machines and spider webs with cute colorful signs that say BOO!).

The costume on the other hand was difficult to nail down. Being scary and still not terrify little ones at night is harder than you might think. Also, apparently my idea of scary isn't quite enough for Dadda monkey. After quite some time of searching (
has some great, affordable costumes), I finally found this costume and showed it to Dadda monkey who said it would work for him. I think he still preferred to be scarier, but after reminding him that it would be night and he'd get to be dressed in all black with dark lights and fog around, he was convinced.

The outfit may not be quite as scary on Dadda monkey, but then again it'll be dark and other people don't know him like we do. It looks like it's going to be a great costume for this year and beyond. has some fantastic costumes for adults (mens and womens). I found one I have my eye on for next year as well. I have to say the costumes I've gotten online have been much nicer than the ones I've seen in stores and it's much more convenient as well.

As you can see, even Monkey girl got in on the act.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Washing Beloved Stuffed Animals

Monkey girl and Bro Bro monkey have similar stuffed animals that were given to them as babies. Like most children, they adore the animals and love to cuddle up with them at night. We decided it was time to give Draggy and Tiger a 'bath'. I had heard a tip to place stuffed animals inside a pillowcase to help protect them when going through the washer so that's what we did. Monkey girl was completely distraught that Draggy needed a bath and was almost in tears as we explained that it was as routine as her taking a bath. Dadda monkey and I were downstairs doing something when the washer's cycle ended, but Monkey girl was apparently standing by to rescue her precious animal. She removed him from the washer, got a towel to help dry him off, and then dressed him in a cute new outfit. She brought him down to us and declared she was never, ever going to let him go through that again. I guess that means next time we'll have to do it while she's at school or sleeping, but I have to say Draggy and Tiger came out much cleaner and no worse for wear!