Monday, April 18, 2011

Glade Spring

With a couple of dogs and toddlers running around the house, I love finding products that can help my home smell fresh and nice. Along that line, Glade has introduced two new limited-edition home fragrances, Bring on the Blossoms™ and Sparkle of Spring™. I was lucky enough to get to sample two of their products in these fragrances, the premium room spray which retails for $2.99 and the Scented Oil Candle in a decorative glass holder which retails for $3.49. 

The room spray, Bring on the Blossoms, was a unique light floral scent that made me instantly think of warm weather (not that we're having a shortage of that) and enjoying gardens in bloom. I guess it's been a while since I've bought new room spray because aside from the pleasant scent, my favorite feature was the twist and lock nozzle. Dadda monkey likes to leave room spray out where it's handy, but that means the monkeys frequently get their mitts on them. I love how simple the lock feature was and that it was built right in.

The scented oil candle in Sparkle of Spring was my favorite item. I LOVE the scent and the decorative glass holder was beautiful and fit right in with my decor. It's currently in my bedroom because I wanted to enjoy it there while I relaxed, but it's been in the family room for a while as well. The scent is harder to describe, but it's also very light and springy with it's citrus tones. 

It is the perfect time to freshen your home with citrus and floral fragrances and spruce up your wardrobe with new styles that reflect the joy that comes along with sunny, longer days. Entertainment journalist and co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic1 has partnered with Glade® to inspire women to update their look this spring and celebrate the budding season. Rancic is an expert in today’s fashion and shares firsthand how surroundings, especially in the home, can help set the mood and she has a few tips for us.

How to Step into Spring:
In order to help other women rejuvenate their look and surroundings, Rancic shares her top five tips to stay on-trend and feel fresh and exhilarated in time for spring. 

* Reinforce Ruffles. Spring is all about feeling pretty and feminine, and designers are pumping up the volume with ruffles. Whether on a throw pillow, journal or jacket, this season we’ll be seeing gorgeous fabrics and textures draped and ruffled into fabulous creations.
* Revitalize Home Fragrance. Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection fragrances refresh the home and wipe away the doldrums left behind when winter fades. “I love the Glade® Sparkle of Spring™ Premium Room Spray,” says Rancic, “because the hints of citrus create an energized vibe during the day and the fresh scent is a simple way to make my home more inviting for family and friends.”
* Bright Colors, Fresh Look. Cheerful citrus is perfect for those bright spring days. Take advantage of the season’s uplifting hues and make lips pop with orangey pink lipstick.
* Wake Up Happy. Start the day with colors that awaken your senses. Make your bedroom environment happy with a bright, cheerful new duvet or throw.
* Go for Geometric Jewels. Cool, geometric shapes are everywhere this spring. Clean, straight lines and bold color accents make a perfect pair. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve this look. “I love a good bargain and recently found a pair of bold emerald green earrings for just $8!” says Rancic.

I thought her tips were great and really fall in line with the season and people's optimistic, energized moods. Glade's new products also correlate well with these sentiments. Here's a little more information on these great new products. They've also been great additions to the monkey household.

The Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection is available now through July in the air-care aisle of food, drug and mass-merchandise stores such as Target, Walmart and many more. The manufacturer suggested retail price for the Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection is:
* $3.49 for Glade® Candle 4 oz. Jar
* $2.99 for Glade® Premium Room Spray
* $3.49 for Glade® Scented Oil Candle Decorative Glass Holder
* $3.49 for Glade® Scented Oil Candle Refills; contains four refills
* $3.49/$5.49 for Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Refills; available in 1- and 2-count

Celebrate the season with these two fresh new fragrances from Glade® in bright, fun packaging that looks as good as it smells:
* Sparkle of Spring™ - Fresh and citrusy with zesty lime, ginger and vanilla notes.
* Bring on the Blossoms™ - Fruity and floral with a medley of jasmine, rose, peony and sandalwood.
For more information about the Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection, visit

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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Poteet Strawberry Festival

First I'd like to mention that I LOVE strawberries. Since I moved here a few years ago, I'd been hearing about The Poteet Strawberry Festival. I don't know why it's taken me so long to go to this berry special festival. Sorry, I've been on a Strawberry Shortcake binge since Monkey girl's birthday is coming up. Anyways, this year I was determined to go, in part because I actually found out about it before it happened this year. It's only a 3 day event and we decided to go on Saturday. We looked up where Poteet was and low and behold, it's only about 40 minutes from us.

We got there Saturday morning and discovered it's much like a county fair with all the carnival rides and vendor booths. Dadda monkey found a mirror maze, which I also loved as a little girl, and he wanted to take Monkey girl. So the two of them went in there first and they were doing great until Monkey girl paused to wave at me and then plowed right into a glass wall. She was okay, though her nose was a little sore, so Dadda monkey carried her through the rest of it. After that she rode her first solo ride, a bubble whale. After a few times around the circle, she yelled to us that she was done, but she didn't get upset as the ride continued on and she patiently waited for it to come to a stop. We were proud monkey parents. Poor Bro Bro monkey didn't get to do much, but we did find a bounce house that they both enjoyed. Bro Bro monkey also started to get a little fussy. I don't blame him since he wasn't involved in a whole lot there and we were there at his normal nap time.

Unfortunately Bro Bro's fussiness meant that I didn't get to peruse the vendor section much, but we did grab a genuine Poteet strawberry hanging plant on our way out. It already has a couple of strawberries growing on it. Although I guess I'm supposed to pick them off when they just start to turn red because the two that were already red are starting to get a little mushy sitting on the soil.

I'm really glad we decided to go early on Saturday because on our way home, we could see that traffic heading to Poteet was horrendous. It was an enjoyable day and we'll definitely plan on going again next year, especially since we know what to expect now.