Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Developing At Your Own Rate

Shortly after my daughter turned one, we were at the pediatrician who asked how many words monkey girl could say. When I responded 2-3, she seemed concerned. Since then many people have asked if I had any concerns at the time and my reply is always the same... I wasn't concerned until the pediatrician made me so. The doctor said she should be able to say a bit more and referred us to a speech therapist. We made an appointment with Easter Seals who spent a great deal of time evaluating her and asked us what had brought on our concern and we told them just the doctor. I thought it was always stressed that kids develop at their own rate and if your child isn't meeting the 'average' milestones, don't fret and be patient.

Almost a year later now and we are still working with Easter Seals, who have been great to work with. If someone's going to offer us valuable help, I'm not going to turn it down. At the very least, she gets more time with people other than Momma and Dadda. Monkey girl is still 'behind' her peers, but improving, and I'm still not really concerned. She has made progress and I believe even more that there's not necessarily a problem, but she's just a little slower with her speech development. Her therapists also say she's doing well and don't seem overly concerned. I like the way her great grandmother put it...maybe she just doesn't have anything to say right now. Maybe not, but I have no fear that her first sentence is right around the corner. Perhaps it'll be something like, "Momma, get off the computer and get me some Cheerios!"


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  3. Visiting from Friday Follow! My 3 year old was referred to a speech therapist when he was 2. At first I felt awful about it, like I was doing something wrong, but kids just don't develop at the same rate. He progessed quickly in therapy - he now goes bi-weekly and only has 2 more sounds to master before he is done. It's amazing how quickly kids respond to this!

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  5. I am following from FF and hope you have a great Friday..My son did not talk until he was 3 & my friends son is doing the same thing as my son. Funny how they develop but it will come around..

  6. Good for you! Kids do develop at their own rates. Milestones are just a guideline. Nothing is set in stone. Happy Friday!


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