Friday, March 26, 2010

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Costco Ventures

Today, well Thursday (since it's after midnight already), was our bi-weekly trip to Costco. That's the week we drive about 30 minutes so we can stock up on baby formula, dog food, and household items. I love each time we go in because they always seem to have something new that tempts me. We've also found some great food items as well as a great selection of organic items. Just today we bought some organic salsa, chips, and veggies. I've heard their organic oatmeal is good too, but I haven't tried that yet.

There's only one thing I dread about my trips to Costco. I know I can never leave without spending under $100. There are several places that I find this to be true for. One of these is the vet's office, another one is Macy's (or any place having a major clothing sale).

I mentioned in a previous post that we were looking at getting a playset for our backyard and we've definitely decided on the one we found at Costco. We've been waiting on our landscape designer to get back to us with plans before we bought the playset, but something made my husband inquire about it today while we were there. I'm glad he did because he found out that they only have 5 left and aren't going to be getting any more in. After a bit of discussion about whether we could fit it into my Explorer, we decided not to chance it and hire someone to move it for us. So tomorrow afternoon, Dadda monkey is meeting a guy at Costco to bring the monstrosity home where it will sit in our garage until who knows when. On top of that he's decided when it comes time, he wants to attempt to put it together himself. Wish us all luck on that one.


  1. I miss our Costco Swingset! We moved and the buyers wanted it - we planned on getting another, but hasn't happened yet.

    Helpful Hint: Lay out ALL of the pieces on cardboard and label each group in order. Yes, this is as tedious as it sounds, but when you've got instructions in one hand and a screwdriver in the other, you'll be glad you got organized up front.

    Good luck and ENJOY!!!!

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