Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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The Trials of Adjusting to a Family Vehicle

A few months ago, we bought a Buick Enclave. I love the car, but am still adjusting to operating such a large vehicle. It has a third row of seats and is bigger than the Explorer I used to drive. The driving part I've got down, it's the parking that is quite a challenge. I figure I give loads of amusement to the people around me when I enter a parking lot. Several times I've been torn between parking at the back of the parking lot for ease, or attempting to park closer since I usually have the monkeys with me. The other day at the YMCA, I was sure the front desk was enjoying a good laugh at my expense as I repositioned myself about 4 times to try to park in my parking spot. Even parking in my driveway is troublesome. Dadda monkey wants me to park all the way on one side so he can park on the other. I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but two car garages here are not really for two modern day cars. Thus, the driveway is narrower as well. On the bright side, I do think I'm improving and we're all enjoying the new car (except maybe other drivers in tight parking lots).


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