Friday, August 26, 2011

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Dogs and My Little Green Machine

We have a couple of large dogs and although all but the newest puppy are house trained, we still have our share of accidents and bouts of illness. Couple that with my monkeys (okay add Dadda monkey and I in there as well) and we get quite a few messes around here.

I just wanted to share with you the little gem that makes me worry just a bit less about these accidents. My Bissell Little Green Machine is quite the handy little item to have around. It's easy portable, quick, and best of all efficient. The machine has even taken up some stains that were older, but there are still some nagging ones that it seems to clean temporarily until they start showing back up again. Any stains that we get to immediately, seem to clean up easily right away in just minutes. The only downside that I've found so far is that the reservoir that holds what's sucked in, can have a pretty bad odor so we try to empty it regularly. Also, we try to keep an extra bottle of the solution around, but I'm guessing you could also make your own solution, maybe with some vinegar.

My Little Green Machine has been a hero to me since we have a lot of carpet in the house. We're thinking of replacing the downstairs carpet with laminate wood, but I have some concerns about that project as well. Even if we go for it, we'll still have area rugs and all the carpet left upstairs.


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