Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Curtain Rod Vs Toe

One of the items on Dadda monkey's honey do list is to fix the curtain rod that came loose from the wall a couple of WEEKS ago. His temporary solution was to just push it back in real hard and hope it stayed. Well, with 2 toddlers, his hopes were dashed pretty quickly, but the curtain rod just kept getting pushed back into the wall.

A couple of days ago, while he was at work and I was home with the kids, the monkeys were running up the stairs and snagged the curtain, which pulled the curtain rod down AGAIN. I, being the lemming that I am, proceeded to push it back into the wall. Shortly after, Monkey girl needed a time out. By the way, our time out step is right next to said curtain. So of course, she was playing around and the curtain rod came down.

I'd finally had enough of this nonsense and tried to take the curtain down. It was too high to reach, but my kitchen chair was nearby. I'd say a whole ten feet closer than my step ladder. Why walk the additional ten feet, when I could see what glorious daring feats could be had with the chair. It took a while to screw off the finial, but when it finally got unscrewed the curtain rod came out. Even though it was still in my hand, it swung around, got me off balance and landed on my little toe. I didn't know a curtain rod could hurt so bad. My toe was swollen and I was convinced I'd broken it, but a few hours later I was able to bend it.

It's not a great picture, but that's the curtain rod just beyond Monkey girl. It's been a few days and my toe is still really sore. Dadda monkey (who has a lengthy honey do list with due dates now) says I limp just a little. I'd been hoping to make it back to the gym tomorrow, but I just put Monkey girl to bed with a horrible cough. She's been acting a little under the weather all day so I guess my attempt at a routine will be pushed off until next week. I feel like that's how everything around here gets handled. Oh well, I'll get to it next week!


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