Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Annual Carpet Cleaning

So it's time for our annual carpet cleaning experience. With multiple dogs and two small monkeys, we make sure to do this every year. We used to use Steamers, and they were great, but we got a brochure on our front door a few weeks ago for a new company. As a side note, I frequently debate putting up a no soliciting sign, but every once in a while, someone worth while comes along. This advertised deal was really great and useful for our needs. They're going to clean 5 rooms AND our couch. I can't tell you how badly our couch needs it. As a bonus, the company uses an all natural system so it's safe for the kids and pets. As a second bonus, the owner said when they made the switch to the natural system, they noticed that it actually did a better job than the chemicals. I'm excited to get the carpet/couch cleaned and to see how good of a job they do. We have one nagging stain that disappears each carpet cleaning only to reappear about a week later so that will be a real test for them. Hopefully, we'll be able to get our downstairs flooring replaced, but for now I'm really looking forward to this cleaning.

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