Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Sirius XM Radio

I mentioned that we bought a new car a few weeks ago. It happened to come with a free preview of XM radio, which I didn't think I'd care much for. However, with all the chauffeuring I'm doing, and the lack of radio stations that I enjoy in San Antonio, I found a couple of stations on XM that I liked. Anyways, the free preview ended and we had gotten several pieces of correspondence asking us to subscribe. I finally buckled down and mailed the check for a year's subscription. Mind you, the multiple items of unsolicited mail we received had an account number and an amount due for the year just like ordinary bills. They cashed the check shortly after it was sent and ten days after that we still didn't have the service. We called and they apologized for not starting the service for us and that they would activate it immediately. The next day we still didn't have service so we called again. We were then told that there was a subscription fee that hadn't been paid. We told them we could fax them a copy of the letter that said how much a year would be and that it said it included all taxes and fees. A few hours later, 2 levels of supervisors, and they finally conceded that our account was paid in full for the year. I'm not sure how they keep a business afloat when they send you a bill, the consumer pays it, the company doesn't uphold it's end of the bargain, AND wants to charge more fees?! At the end of this year, I'm pretty sure they won't be getting my business back. I'd consider cancelling now, but wouldn't you know... there's a $75 early termination fee.


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