Saturday, September 24, 2011

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No one ever told me that there was a good chance my feet would grow a size larger after I got pregnant. After Monkey girl was born, I noticed my shoes were a bit snug. However, after Bro Bro monkey was born, I knew there was no way I could wear most of my shoes again. Apparently the weight of carrying a baby around can flatten your arches. I'm now a full size bigger than I used to be. So the hunt began to begin a new shoe collection (gradually). I know you feel so sorry for me that I have to build a new shoe wardrobe. Though truth be told, as much as I love buying new shoes, I still have my old favorites sitting in the closet, but I'm going to have to part with them soon. The other big difference is that my favorite strappy heels and pumps that I used to wear are now being replaced by loafers, ballet flats, and athletic shoes. Just the other day I was browsing and decided to purchase a pair of driving loafers (the ones pictured above). And so continues the metamorphosis of my life.


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