Friday, October 11, 2013

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I signed up for Greenling organic produce delivery (you can check them out here) several months ago and it's been an entertaining experiment. We've gotten to try some new things all from local farmers, but the most interesting part is what you do when you get your local box delivered. For example, today's delivery consists of: spinach, mixed greens, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocado, red potatoes, persimmons, and key limes. Now make a meal with that...! To be fair, they do offer recipes that incorporate that week's ingredients.

I'm not the best cook, I love to bake, but cooking is more of a team effort between Dadda monkey and I. However, I have gotten good at finding recipes to try and thank goodness for I can search by ingredients so the butternut squash will become a roasted side dish, persimmons will become cookies, and key limes will become pie (of course!). Spinach is an easy addition to our morning smoothies in the Vitamix and mixed greens will be a nice side salad. I'm hoping the red potatoes can become an easy baked potato soup, but I'll have to research that more.

There is some rain in the forecast so that will make it a bit easier to focus on this task and get started on prep. I'm looking forward to a potentially rainy evening sitting at home with our monkeys. We may make it a movie night since we have no where to be this evening. I hope you all have an enjoyable night ahead as well!


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