Friday, June 11, 2010

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Nursery Decorating Lessons Learned

Since decorating both baby's rooms I've learned a few things. I don't intend to have any more children, but I thought I'd share some of these things with you. In order of importance:

  • With my daughter's room, the first thing I learned is to not decorate with wallpaper border (at least not at chair rail height). Monkey girl developed a habit of playing with the border while getting her diaper changed. Also, she's taken off a good portion of it around her crib.
  • With my son, I learned that the small changing tables are good for space saving in the footprint of the room, but I really need the extra length of a dresser to keep items like diaper cream and wipes easily accessible. I'm going to have to replace Bro Bro monkey's changing table with a dresser in the near future.
  • Waterproof mattress pads are vitally important.
  • Blinds are also vitally important if you value not getting up as soon as the sun does. (Tip: point the blinds down towards outside so the sun doesn't come through as much)
  • Small bookshelves are a must, though I'm still trying to figure out how to divvy up the books between their rooms.

Bookcases are also obviously good for getting into gift boxes to play with tissue paper.


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    3. mine STILL get up with the sun and they are 8 and 10!

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      Blinds do not help at all I have to go with room darkening curtains !!

    5. Thanks for the 'follows'. I guess I have yet to learn about their morning wake patterns since they're still so young and sleep pretty soundly. Room darkening curtains sound like they're in my future.

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