Friday, June 25, 2010

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Friendly Friday

Today's somewhat busy for us. This is Dadda monkey's last Friday off before he switches to a Monday - Friday schedule. There are pros and cons to the switch, but we're taking it all in stride. We went to get Monkey girl's first professional hair cut today, which I was not pleased with. We picked up a few groceries, grabbed lunch, and came home.

Dadda monkey had to run an errand without us so he switched the car seats to our Explorer so I can take the kids with me to the vet this afternoon. Hopefully, Dadda monkey will meet us there so I don't have to handle 2 dogs and 2 kids the whole time. Then what's left of our afternoon is free for some playset fun (and maybe a glass of wine for Momma). McCormick posted an interesting shrimp/snow pea coconut curry dish the other day so we're going to try that for dinner tonight. Happy Friday everyone. I'll leave you with a picture of our completed playset (finally). Enjoy your weekend!

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