Friday, June 4, 2010

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Happy (Friendly) Friday!

Happy (Friendly) Friday! It's a good day at the Monkey house since we found out we got HOA approval for our playset. Also, the contractor has agreed to start work on the 15th, which is a little later than we were hoping for, but it's really only 10 days away.

Now I have to figure out a good Father's Day gift. I was thinking of buying Dadda monkey a gas grill, but I'm worried that he'd rather choose one himself. I have a tough time with gifts because he accuses me (probably rightfully so) of buying things for the house and calling it a gift for him. Personally, I'd be overjoyed if for my birthday he bought me...oh, I don't know...a new countertop for the kitchen, or a new dining table, or put money aside to go towards a deck, or hardwood floors, or ...! See how easy I am. :)


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  3. I'm a little late, but wanted to say 'happy friday'! I found you on Friendly Friday and am your newest follower! I'd love it if you could come follow me too.

  4. How about a gift card to Academy? They have grills and also a ton of other stuff if he decides he doesn't want one. It also gives him the option of choosing his own grill. We got ours from Academy and its a gas and charcoal combination.


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