Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Old Fashioned Milk Delivery

I'm pretty excited about something we discovered the other day. A guy was in the neighborhood and was leaving flyers for the residents (which normally annoys me) for dairy goods delivered to your home. I wasn't sure where it was coming from or how the prices compared to the supermarket so I asked Dadda monkey to call the guy and suggested we go comparison shopping. Even if the price was slightly higher, but the products were coming direct from local dairy farmers, I was willing to give it a try. Also, organic milk wasn't on the list so I wanted to make sure we could get that.

Dadda monkey called and the man was very nice and explained that he had gone to the local dairy farmers, but none of them wanted to sell through him. He explained that most of them sell everything to Borden and he was getting his products directly from Borden. So it didn't really eliminate all the middle men, but the items are still pretty fresh and come to find out most of the prices were competitive. He also said he could get organic milk and gave us the price, but told us we needed to let him know ahead of time (which really isn't a problem since we go through a gallon every week or two). After our trip to the grocery store we found out that bread (I know it's not dairy) was priced about the same, but the milk was much cheaper. Also, half gallons and pints of ice cream were cheaper.

Later this week, since we're already almost out of milk, we're going to place our first order. I think it's a neat concept and it is actually going to save us money. Though I think it would be more fun to get nice glass bottles of milk each time.


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