Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Turbo, or the racing snail movie as we called it, was a really cute film. I'm not sure the previews do it justice. Dadda monkey wasn't sure he wanted to see it, but is glad that he did. He described it as "not so much of a racing snail movie, as a movie about following your dreams and the value of self-confidence and family". 

First off I want to mention that I didn't know this movie was in 3D and was a little worried since we brought Bro Bro monkey (currently 3 1/2) with us. We haven't brought him to a 3D movie since our second attempt (How to Train Your Dragon, I believe) where we learned he didn't have the patience to keep the glasses on or sit still through a movie. He's done better with movies as a whole, but I have avoided bringing him to any other 3D movies. However, he did great with Turbo! Both monkeys were a little tired and got a little restless during some downtime midway through the film, but rallied when the story got to the Indy 500 scenes. The monkeys said they enjoyed the film and even laughed during some of the 'silly' parts.

Turbo (AKA Theo) lives a ho hum life as a garden snail, but (somehow) has access to a TV and is enthralled with auto racing and one racer in particular. His brother continues to tell Theo to give up his passion for racing and face the reality of his life as a garden snail. Theo's routine day means going to work with the other snails harvesting tomatoes. However, his dream of being fast interrupts his daily work and ultimately is fired, along with his brother (who was always defending Theo, despite his own misgivings). It's an interesting turn of events that gives Theo/Turbo his gift of speed and he uses it to save first himself, then his brother, but along the way they are separated from their home. What happens next is what leads to them to the Indy 500. I don't want to say too much because it's a darling movie and definitely worth watching. 

There's some decent 3D effects, but I don't think you'd lose anything by not seeing it in 3D. The other kids in the theater seemed to enjoy it as there wasn't too much chatter, but there was a cute point in the movie where one moviegoer said aloud 'he cheated!' It was really cute that everyone got into it. So go out and enjoy Turbo!


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