Friday, July 5, 2013

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My parents are in town from West Florida to spend the holiday with us and visit their grandchildren. However, they also timed their trip to coincide with a bridge tournament in San Antonio. They spend most of their free time since retirement, playing bridge and are part of a bridge club in Florida. 

Dadda monkey and I are attempting to learn so we can play with them for fun, but are having a terrible time with the bidding process (more so me, than him). The game itself is fun and similar to hearts or spades, but the bidding leading up to the game is incomprehensible to me. Two diamonds seems to mean any numerous things depending on what preceded it. Dadda monkey and I joked we were going to use our own system to communicate with our teammates. Three purple unicorns may as well be what's being said because I just don't get it. Unfortunately, once my parents are gone, we don't follow through with our education of the game so there's no consistency to our instruction. 

Anyways, I neglected to wish everyone a happy 4th of July yesterday due to their visit,  but I wanted to update everyone with what's being going on in the monkey household recently. Enjoy the holiday weekend and best wishes to my parents on the last day of their tournament tomorrow!


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