Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Thomas Sale

Bro Bro monkey is a huge Thomas and Friends fan. Lucky for me, he can spend hours playing on the train table in his room. I went to Toys R Us online today to buy him a portable desk for our big trip this fall, when I noticed they were having a huge clearance sale (click here to go it). The desk I wanted was only $10 so, as I'm always apt to do, I chose to pad my order to get free shipping (Dadda monkey will give me his usual eye-roll for doing so). We're working on potty training and have the big trip coming up, so we could use some more toys and they were on SALE plus free shipping for padding my order!

One of the first things I added to my cart was this Take n Play Twist & Tumble Cargo Drop for half off. Then we added Sidney for $4.98. Finally, because we're just starting our Take n Play collection, I decided to splurge on the Slate Loading Station, also for half off. I normally avoid the take and play stuff for two reasons. First, we have a big table with a wooden track and these things take up a lot more space. Secondly, they're normally significantly more expensive than just buying new engines or features for our wooden track. However, Bro Bro monkey loves the features of the take and play tracks and has showed increasing interest in getting some more of them.

Hopefully, this will help us progress on our potty training. Now I need to scour their toys to see if there's anything I can get rid of to help make room for these new items. There were lots of other things in their clearance section, but I was focused on Thomas today. Happy shopping!


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