Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Potty Training and Toothbrushes

It's no wonder my daughter can't get on board with potty training. Her Mom is apparently dense. I've been leaving the kids bathroom door open so that she can have access to her potty chair. Since we started leaving the door open, we've gone through about 10 additional rolls of toilet paper because Bro Bro monkey thinks it's fun to unwind the rolls. Additionally, we've bought many new toothbrushes because Monkey girl loves her toothbrush so much, she goes in there, grabs it, and plays with it everywhere (including in the toilet). Yesterday a light bulb finally went off in my head and I've moved her toothbrush to the medicine cabinet and the toilet paper is not being put on the holder anymore. I blame the unpredictable weather and the stress of family visiting on my Mommy fog recently. I just hope this potty training thing starts to stick soon.


  1. Found your blog through a friend and Follow Me Back Tuesday. Love your blog and oh my gosh!!! I'm trying to get my youngest daughter on the potty training band wagon and she is not having any part of it! AGH! I will definitely be checking back to see if you've found any magic touches to make it work.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hello! I am your newest follower! I would love it if you would follow back at one or all four of my blogs!


    Have a great week!


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