Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Stuck Toys

I have spent a good portion of the past 2 days pulling stuck toys out of other toys, or laundry baskets, or kitchen gadgets, etc.. I have heard the stories of poptarts being put in the VCR or gum in various places, but my kids are under 3. I had hoped not to have to be worrying about this for some time. Granted I'm happy it wasn't food, but I'm hoping this is not a sign of what the future has in store for me. Top that with the terrible 2-3 (I've heard 3 is worse....) year old tantrums that accompany frustration and unhappiness and you've got a Mommy that needs some quiet time. This weekend is a busy one for us though and I won't be getting much quiet any time soon. Hopefully, it will be a fun weekend though and one without any more stuck toys.


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