Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Bro Bro's Birthday

We recently celebrated Bro Bro monkey's first birthday. We're so happy to have hit this milestone and as if he knew what time it was, he started taking 2-3 steps on his own. It took him forever to crawl, but once he got going we all knew immediately just how much he likes to move. So we really shouldn't have been surprised when he started taking baby steps recently.

For the monkeys' first birthdays we decided to keep them low key. Just like for Monkey girl's first birthday, we celebrated Bro Bro's birthday with just our immediate family. We picked up cupcakes and let him dive into his very own. As for presents, I have high praises for 2 of the gifts we got him. The first one was the Haba Colori Stacking Ball. It's a little hard for him to assemble right now, but it's a great size and I love the colors. In fact just today, a friend of mine was admiring it.

The second toy was a Busy Zoo Activity Center. It was discounted slightly at Amazon and I thought it would be worth a try. It turns out that both Bro Bro and Monkey girl love it. It's hard to find toys that Bro Bro will sit in front of and be content for any extended period of time, but this is one of those and I'm so glad that we decided to give it a try. I highly recommend it for any young children.

We had a great day and Bro Bro (and Monkey girl) seemed equally as happy with the festivities. Happy Birthday, my little man!


  1. forgot to add that the friend admiring the stacking ball doesn't even have kids yet! That's how cool it is! :D

  2. Happy Birthday! It's nice you found things he enjoys ;)


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