Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

I am! Though I'm not in the DC area anymore, I'm still rooting for my beloved Redskins. It is my favorite professional sport and football season holds many great memories for me. To me it also signals the beginning of fall. I've held onto my season tickets in hopes of getting great seats when/if we move back to the area. Dadda monkey wasn't a big football fan when we met. We started watching some games together and he was hooked. Naturally he became a Redskins fan because those are the games we watched the most and he took a great interest in them. Now he may be a bigger fan than me...maybe.

Last year we made it back to DC just as preseason was starting so Dadda monkey got to go to his first professional football game ever. We talk about heading up to Dallas for the Redskins game, but I wouldn't want to take the kids and it may be hazardous to our health to display our loyalty in Cowboy country. Today, however, I proudly wore my Redskins shirt in anticipation of Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Even the monkeys have Redskins apparel of their own. Though we're relatively far from Dallas (in fact closer to Houston), there's a great many avid Cowboy fans in San Antonio. They even televise the Cowboys on the news as if they're the home team. I haven't figured out if it's just because Texans in general love the iconic Cowboys or if it may be because the Cowboys practice here at the Alamodome. Either way I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game and watching my favorite player #47 Chris Cooooooley! It should really set off the season with a bang (hopefully in favor of Washington). Go Skins!


  1. College Football fans here!
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  2. Honey, if you love football then you are living in the right state. Texans are crazy about football--high school, college and pro. I am not a fan but most of my family is. In fact, my husband, oldest son and father in law were all in San Antonio a few weeks ago to watch our local high school team play. You don't know football fans til you meet Texas fans!

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