Saturday, November 10, 2012

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'Tis The Season For Shopping!

I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I love getting my gifts figured out as early as possible. Believe me, I will NOT start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It even annoys me that the stores are opening for Black Friday shopping earlier and earlier. I read some stores will be open early Thanksgiving evening, which makes me feel bad for the employees as well as consumers. Let everyone enjoy their families/days off for the holiday and don't even give people a choice of ending their festivities early to go shopping.

This Black Friday will probably not see me participating unless I find a good deal for a smart 3D DVD player online. There's nothing we need so I'll be sleeping in Friday morning (well as much as my monkeys let me anyways). As much as I try to stay on budget, the holiday season always does me in. I find it so hard to pass up a good deal, especially when it comes to the monkeys. We limit the Christmas gifts they get from us to 3 each (akin to the story of the three wisemen), but there's no set limit for gifts from Santa. I've already purchased the 3 they'll get from us and Santa should be nearly done too as long as his helper (yours truly) can stop herself from any more purchases. On the bright side, I'm mostly prepared for Christmas. I need to figure out a gift for Dadda monkey's father and my sister, but otherwise, we're done! So bring on the holiday season, I'm ready!


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