Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me. I just realized yesterday that I have just over a week to plan and prepare. On one hand, it's just our immediate family so there's not too much to prepare, but I like making sure the monkeys have a traditional Thanksgiving even if there's not extended family to join us. One of the things I like about our local HEB grocery store is that they have this great cajun turkey that comes as just a breast. No stuffing turkeys for me! We'll get a second one for the monkeys because it's too 'picy' according to Bro Bro monkey.

Dadda monkey and I always argue over what kind of stuffing to have. He likes a cornbread stuffing, but it's too dry to me. My mom always made a sausage stuffing, which I like better, but it's still not quite my cup of tea so I'm going to try something new this year like an apple stuffing. See, I haven't even narrowed down which one. The rest of our table will be rounded out with green beans (again, not decided on variety), corn souffle, berry nut freeze, rolls, and gravy. For dessert, pumpkin pie and either apple pie or pecan pie. I wish I had more people to feed because I love gathering with family for the holidays and I love baking (ie: more pies). I'm sure come Christmas time, I'll be tired of baking with all those cookies, but Monkey girl loves helping me and every year we've tried new recipes and come up with some great new cookies that will be added to our repertoire for the future. However, that's a story for a future post. Good night for now (I must go plan my shopping list)!


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