Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Yard Sale Laziness (my own)

I've been waiting for another community yard sale ever since the last one ended. We put the things that didn't sell in a corner of the garage and have been gradually adding to that stack. I'm convinced that's why we can't get a car in the garage yet. (Don't judge me, the new homes in San Antonio have tiny garages). Although, the garage is also quickly filling up with large Christmas presents for the kids that have to be assembled. So any hope of getting a car in the garage before Christmas is a pipe dream.

Anyways, at the HOA meeting two weeks ago, they let us know that the community yard sale would be today. I was really happy about getting an opportunity to rid myself of our garage sale pile. I planned to make a list of excuses here as to why I was too busy to get to it, but in reality if I had been dedicated enough, it would have gotten done. I think knowing that most of the items were already in a pile let me slack too much on the other things that needed to be done to prepare for the sale. Needless to say, early in the evening last night I decided to skip this one and wait for the spring yard sale. It was an easy decision since I hadn't set prices, gotten signs to put up, or figured out how to put out the baby clothes in an organized fashion. Not to mention Dadda monkey had been insisting all day yesterday that he did not want to do the yard sale and he had a golf lesson to go to that morning.

So here we are today, Dadda monkey is at his golf lesson as I'm watching tons of cars driving down our street perusing all the yard sales. There are at least two people on my street participating. Therefore, I'm now kicking myself for not getting my act together and getting my stuff out there. Lesson learned though, I feel so guilty about giving in to my own disorganization and Dadda monkey's complaints that I know this won't happen next time. Not to mention, I want my garage back! I'll continue brooding while I make a few Craigslist ads just in case! Anyone want a coffee table?


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