Friday, November 25, 2011

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Black Friday (looking for Keurig deals)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a lovely time with friends and ate until we were stuffed. Now that it's black Friday, I'm happy to be sitting at home and enjoying the day with my monkeys. Dadda monkey's at work, but should be getting off early. Then we're hoping to just finish decorating for Christmas and putting the house back together after having had house guests for a few days.

The past two years, we've braved the crowds and headed out to Black Friday sales in the wee hours of the morning to snag some good deals. This year, however, there's nothing we really want that necessitates joining the crowds. We have working computers, televisions, etc... and the monkeys aren't quite old enough to want the hit toy of the season, which is good because I have no idea what that toy might be this year. In addition, I've had a list of gift ideas for a few months now and have been purchasing things as they go on sale. There's only one item that I'm hoping to find a good deal on sometime before Christmas. I'd really like to buy my sister a Keurig coffee maker.

It's kind of a funny story as to why I want to get her the Keurig. We stopped by her house about a year and a half ago (she lives several states away) and I could have sworn I saw one in her kitchen. So last year I bought her some Keurig accessories including the storage drawer for k-cups from Bed Bath and Beyond, which I highly recommend. Shortly after she got her gifts, she asked me if I had meant them for her or had made a mistake because she doesn't have a Keurig...oops! Anyways, I knew right away, this would make buying her gift this year a cinch. Clearly, I need to buy her a Keurig so I'm patiently waiting for the right time to purchase one.

So today, I'm sitting at home, browsing online occasionally to see if any of my gift idea items go on sale and glad to not be out and about. Good luck to everyone on their holiday shopping, whether you're home or out among the Black Friday masses!

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