Friday, October 15, 2010

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Yard Sale

My neighborhood has organized a community-wide yard sale this month and I've decided to take advantage of it. I'm really glad they're doing this collectively and I have plenty of things I'm ready to part with. On the other hand I have a few things that I should part with, but am having a hard time letting go.

Dadda monkey and I have decided we probably won't have any more children and Bro Bro is a very large 13 month old. As a result, all those baby things I had to have should probably go now. The bouncer, swing, and monitor are already in the garage for the sale. Dadda monkey wants me to sell the exersaucer and baby bathtub as well, but just yesterday I had Bro Bro in the exersaucer and when I give him baths I still prefer to use the baby tub inside the larger tub for extra security. We probably don't need either of these items, but if we have them I think we should use them until we're definitely done with them. However, if I don't sell them now, we'll probably have them until the next yard sale. One of the problems with keeping them is the pure fact that they're taking up room. I've noticed the homes around here have very limited storage space. I think they make up for this fact by giving you a 2 car garage that realistically is only big enough for 1 car.

I'm probably going to go ahead and sell them (and many other things), but they were my babies' firsts. We're also selling the infant car seat that I meticulously researched and begged Dadda monkey for. Similarly, I've been bagging up the clothes they've outgrown and passing them onto friends who can use them. I guess I'm just a sentimental fool, but looking at each outfit and the memories they accompany has just been hard. I'm thrilled they're going to friends who can use them though. All in all this will be good for everyone. I'll bid a fond farewell to the things we had and they'll go on to people who have a need/use for them. Wish us luck on our first yard sale!


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