Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Help Me Decide Which Table Is Best

I've been wanting a new kitchen table for a couple of reasons. First, our current table was just a cheap set we bought as a starter piece before we had kids. Secondly, it's a bar height table and it seems to take up more space because of that. Also, I'd rather have a normal height table for our family with small children. 

The other thing I'm looking for in a new table is the ability to expand for when we have company. When Bro Bro monkey arrived we turned our third bedroom into his nursery. This meant we lost our guest room since we only have a 3 bedroom house so we're turning our separate dining room into a make-shift guest room and the new kitchen table will be the only place for us to eat together. I picked a table that I really like, but I feel like it may be too big. I love the design of the chair backs and the upholstery would match our sofa and curtains. Here it is:

Our current table is only 48 inches long and this one starts at 60 inches and can expand to 78. The space where the table will go is not large so I wanted to keep it smaller. I was looking for a table that was 48 inches round and would expand to 60+ inches, but I had a hard time finding something of that size. I found something close though. This table is 52 inches long so it would only be 4 inches longer than our current table, which isn't bad, and the corners are rounded which might help with both my small space and small children:
The even more difficult part for me is choosing between white or black. As you can see my favorite choice (the first picture) is a white set and I love the casual cottage/beachy look, but the kitchen table will be amidst our dark brown cabinets and near the black appliances. Additionally, our family room is an open space next to the kitchen and has all dark brown wood furniture with a sage green sofa. My husband loves darker colors and I love lighter ones and so far he seems to be getting his way. So I'm thinking this set in black (below) might work better.
For some context here are some pictures of the area:

Dark cabinets and black appliances, but lighter countertop (to be replaced and probably another blog plea for help on color in the future).

Dark wood furniture in family room and sage sofa.

Sage sofa and brown/tan floor (to be replaced in the future)

Tan walls and white doors/trim/window (at the other end of the table you can't see).

As I've mentioned before, I'm not very artistically inclined so I'm struggling with this decision. I can go with my absolute favorite (first pic) and deal with the loss of open space. It's 8 inches longer than the other two considerations (and a foot longer than the current table) so I'm thinking it's the worst option. I can choose the white table (second pic) and it will fulfill my desire for light colors or I can choose the black table (third pic) with the thought that it blends better with the current style of our house. I think realistically the third choice is the best, but I'm hoping it won't make the space feel even smaller because of the dark colors. Please help!


  1. I love the first table, with the beautiful designs on the back. What a terrific find.

    And as for turning your dining room into a guest room? They're called hotels. Tell your visitors to use them, in the most polite way of course. "Well, we just don't have the space since Bro Bro Monkey... So sorry."

    I've found this is an excellent way to keep your distance with the in-laws.

  2. Hmm...I like the first one and the third one. I think that the second one is too white. The first one seems to be an off white/creamyish? color that is really soothing. However, I agree that the darker one would look best in your house right now. Also, are you wanting to work with the space you have now, or are you planning on moving the kennels to another location before you put it in there? I think that the first one could work with the beighy color of the walls, and I think it could help brighten the area (making it appear larger). Hmm...I wouldn't worry so much about having/not having upholstery. Dining room chairs are easy to reupholster yourself. In fact, if you find any fabric with a muted beighy color but with a fun pattern for a good price...let me know! :D I'm looking to redo mine!

  3. Luckily my parents do stay at a hotel when they visit, but we still don't need the dining room.

    Yep, I'll be moving the kennel that's by the door to give me that extra space. I wouldn't mind moving the wood one, but I'd need to figure out where. Hmm, I might be able to move it to where the elliptical was. I agree that I think the first one is a more muted, creamier tone than the other white one. On the other hand I'm worried the black one is too dark. If only my first choice was slightly smaller or at least oval.

  4. I'm not a huge white so I like the darker one. Love the monkey design.

    Stopping by from FF, to follow some new blogs.

    Shibley Smiles


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