Friday, October 22, 2010

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Happy Friday

We're going to be a bit ambitious this weekend. Since we had the yard sale, we were able to get rid of some large items in the garage. So I'd like to finally get it somewhat organized. We've had another set of shelves sitting in a box for months now and we can get those up and put some things away. Then maybe we can get the car back in on one side of the garage.

We also have to go get our pumpkins and there's a pumpkin patch with a corn maze not too far from our house. They also have a petting zoo so Monkey girl will excited. I'm not too sure how much goats like to be hugged constantly though. I'm waiting for the day she asks for one as a pet. Monkey girl has been asking to go back to Sea World too so if we get everything done beforehand, we might make it there for a couple of hours. See, I told you ... ambitious. What actually gets done is another story, but at least we have some goals.

Bro Bro monkey is still recovering from the vicious ants we have here in San Antonio. Everyone told me the fire ants here are bad, but we went to the neighborhood playground a few days ago and he has about 10 large bites from the regular black ants. Seriously! I don't remember ants being that much of a menace when I was a kid. Poor Bro Bro has been a trooper though and needless to say we won't be frequenting that playground much anymore. Maybe he'll be distracted from the bites when he sees the goats. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Ouch!!! Ants? Poor thing! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    Visiting you from the Friday Follow and now following you on FB!

  2. Aww I love goats.

    I just found your blog on one of the Friday blog hops! Have a great night.

    Amanda @


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