Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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It's no secret that Dadda monkey and I have been wanting to move out of South Texas. It's been a long journey, but as the reality of an upcoming move sets in, I'm stressed! Nothing's done yet, we're waiting on an offer letter (which previous experience tells me may or may not actually happen) and so I'm spending my little amount of free time browsing houses. Houses that cost way more than what we enjoy here... I knew this and yet it's still daunting. Especially since I'm not even sure what area to look in. Regardless, the monkeys and I will stay here through June to let Monkey girl finish kindergarten. Common sense tells me moving sooner rather than later is better so the monkeys can settle into new areas and schools, we won't get entrenched here to make moving even harder, and Dadda monkey can take full benefit of a good career move before he's labelled an old fogey and not able to move up as much. :) Here's to hoping your week is calmer than ours!


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