Monday, January 13, 2014

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I'm Lopsided!

I've been taking some yoga classes because I just hit the big 40 and my flexibility is next to none (thank you c-sections for hindering this even more). Plus I'm all about my exercise routine involving a bunch of stretching. The ladies in my class and my instructor are all wonderful people so it's a joy to make this time for myself each week. Thankfully, I'm not the only beginner because there are certain poses that I know I look like a fool (or drunk crow) attempting them. Then there's the positions that have taken me by surprise at how I can't even come close. For instance in bow (picture you on your stomach with your head raised and feet bending towards your head), you're supposed to grab your ankles. I struggle to grab my right ankle, but my left one... forget it, it may as well be in the next building. Hopefully, I'll get there. Who knew one of my 2014 goals would be to be able to do something as simple as grab both my ankles!


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