Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Free Birds

It's been a while since the whole monkey family has gone to the movies. However, we recently saw Free Birds in 3D (the monkeys are much better at watching movies with the glasses). I was having a discussion recently with someone about how there aren't many Thanksgiving movies for kids. So I was really glad when I learned what it was about.

The story revolves around a turkey named Reggie who has been trying to enlighten his flock about how they're being fed to get fat and be the main course for Thanksgiving. The movie portrays present day turkeys as dumb and Reggie is a bit of an outcast. Somehow Reggie lucks into being the pardoned Turkey and goes to live with the President and his daughter at Camp David. Just as he's relishing his luxurious pardoned life, he encounters Jake. Jake is on a mission to travel back in time and get turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu for good.

While not the greatest movie I've ever seen, it was a cute Thanksgiving movie and the monkeys really enjoyed it. I can see adding this to our Thanksgiving traditions because it's a good family movie with some accurate bits of Thanksgiving history thrown in.


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