Monday, November 25, 2013

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Delivery Man

I have been looking forward to a movie coming out like this so that Dadda and I could enjoy a date night. This was perfect, the humor, the drama, the cohesive story.

Vince Vaughn was his normal jovial self, which I've learned some people don't like the lack of variety to his movies, but for me it was perfect entertainment. After a day with the monkeys, I don't want to have to think or use any brain power while relaxing during a movie. I want to sit there and watch a story unfold.

Anyways, without divulging too much, the story revolves around a bachelor, David (Vince), who learns that he is the father of hundreds of kids via sperm donation. The story is not at all what I expected after that point though. It's pretty heartwarming to see some of the moments that happen in the movie. I recommend it, especially for a relaxing evening out.

Rating: **** No Monkeys Sleeping (at least not the adult ones).


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