Friday, December 30, 2011

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Arthur Christmas

I think we have a new favorite holiday movie. We took the monkeys to see Arthur Christmas last month and we all adored it. I wasn't sure what to think going into it since I'd seen limited previews for it, but it was definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, we saw it in 3D and while that was fun for me, the kids aren't ready to sit through a 90+ minute movie AND wear the required glasses. I have to say I had some concerns too when I saw monkey girl was sitting through it, but didn't want to wear the glasses for much of the movie. That couldn't be good for her eyes so needless to say we won't be doing any 3D movies for a while.

However, back to the subject, Arthur Christmas was such a cute film. There was quite a bit of humor for the adults to enjoy, but it never seemed to take away from the kids entertainment. It starts on Christmas Eve and Santa is getting set to deliver presents. One of his sons is in control of the high-tech operation, complete with commando type elves, and the other son seems to have been relegated to the lesser job of handling Santa's mail. Of course something goes awry when they return to the North Pole and realize a present is still onboard, thus never  being delivered. The mail handler son, Arthur, realizes it's recipient was supposed to be a little girl who had written to Santa and tries to correct the problem. I'll stop there so I don't ruin anything for you, but the story's delightful and the animation is colorful and captivating. I highly recommend it. We'll be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD. I'd try to catch it in theaters if you can though. It gets 4 out of 4 monkey thumbs up from us.


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