Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Monkey girl advanced to the next class at The Little Gym (TLG). I was a little worried about this because I wouldn't be going inside with her. The parents/caregivers sit outside of the gym in the waiting area. We can see each other through the windows, but I thought she might balk at the idea of staying there without me. I knew when they opened the door to enter, she'd rush right in to get started, but I figured once she realized I wasn't coming with her, there might be a problem. Boy was I wrong. She did rush in, but other than waving at me one time through the window, she was content as could be and couldn't have cared less where I was. We still have to work on staying with the group the whole time and doing what the instructors are asking, but they said she was doing fine and those things will come in time.

Here's a video of how class used to be (On this day, Dadda monkey was able to go and you can see how the parents involved):

I consider this good progression because this is the first activity she's doing without me. We have playgroup once a week that we all attend (Bro Bro monkey, monkey girl, and I) and we used to go to TLG together while a friend watched Bro Bro monkey at home. However, this is the first structured activity on her own. I'd been worried since I found out that kindergarten is now a full day and there's no pre-school through the school system. My plan is to try a Mom's Day Out program in the fall, in addition to TLG, and then possibly Montessori school when she's 4. Mom's Day Out would just be once a week for a couple of hours so it's a small step above TLG. Hopefully, with this plan, both she and I will be prepared for school.


  1. Ha! I totally told you she would be wonderful! :D

  2. Oh yeah...I know Sarah uses a different MDO, but I also wanted to let you know that the church David and I go to offer MDO as well. It's NW Hills Methodist. If you want more info let me know and I'll see what I can get ahold of.

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  4. Your kids are adorable! I just changed my blog from this exact background - great momma monkeys think alike!

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