Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Not Much Going On

The title says it all. There's not much going on in the monkey household these days. It's been tremendously hot out. We made it to the pool the other day and there were very few people there. I made the mistake of only bringing the single stroller and hoping Monkey girl would walk both ways. When we got home I was exhausted from carrying her and pushing the stroller all while making sure the diaper bag was also secure. On the bright side, the cloth swim diaper I bought Monkey girl was great. We didn't have a poo experience, but it fit well and performed well in the pool. I'll try Bro Bro's next time we go. He was content with sitting with me and playing with the fountain in the pool. It took a few minutes, but he was running his hands through the fountain and by the end he was kicking his little baby feet. Taking both of them by myself wasn't as hard as I expected, but next time I'll remember to bring the double stroller!

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  1. With holding the diaper bag and pushing a stroller...get a Mommy Hook. It's a very large carabineer hook. It works great. I got mine at Babies R Us. You can also get a very similar hook at home depot for a buck or two less...


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