Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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My Camelbak Is Good For Me

I don't remember how I found out about them, but I do remember that I really wanted one for myself when I first saw them. The color choices were fantastic with vibrant jewel tones. I ordered my first Camelbak in a pretty pink shade. Later I decided I wanted a bright blue. At the time that I bought my Camelbak water bottle, I bought one for Dadda monkey too. I was hoping that they'd encourage us to drink more water. It's really convenient to fill it with ice and water and keep it with me all day, refilling both the ice and water as needed. The bite valve took about 2 minutes to get used to and I love it. I have to question though why my pink bottle came with a blue valve and my blue bottle has a clear one.

Normally I hate drinking water, which is why I needed something to make it  a little easier on me.  I made the mistake of trying lemonade in my bottle, which probably isn't normally a problem if you thoroughly wash it each day, but I confess that it took me about 2 weeks before I figured out that you could take the bite valve off for cleaning. It was starting to get pretty gross in there, but Camelbak also sells replacement bite valves separately. I haven't needed to buy one for my new bottle since I know how to clean it now and that scenario taught me that I should use my bottle for water only. That makes it easier for me mentally to think that I can only drink water out of it, but you can really put any beverage you like in your bottles, just be sure to disassemble for cleaning regularly. As long as I have fresh ice in there, I'm okay with drinking water. I think I've made a pretty good adjustment to drinking mostly water every day.

One day we were shopping at a sporting goods store and I saw the cutest little Camelbak bottles with neat graphics. My daughter has been fine with all the different sippy cups we've tried and I thought this would be a great idea for her too. Her dentist told us that she should be drinking only water except for with her 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. It was something about not being able to handle the extra acid in her mouth. She had used my Camelbak a few times and thought it was neat when she was able to drink from 'Momma's water'. So I ordered her a pink zinnia Camelbak when we got home. The kids Camelbaks are adorable and my daughter loves hers.

Camelbak also has a stainless steel kids water bottle that really keeps her water cold. It has butterflies, which is her new fascination so she is also getting the side benefit of drinking more water without realizing it. The stainless steel bottle also comes in multiple cool graphics. Bro Bro monkey even has a blue boy's Camelbak bottle waiting for him as soon as he's old enough to use it. Monkey girl loves her bottle and the fact that it's like Momma's.

The kids bottles and the stainless steel bottles (for adults and kids) came out in early 2009.  The stainless steel bottles are insulted to keep beverages cold for hours and has a dual-wall design to eliminate condensation on the outside. Both bottles are BPA free and offer quick flip and sip hydration. The looped handle is also handy for attaching to backpacks or diaper bags when you're on the go. The kids bottles are 12 ounces and retail for $14-$20 (for stainless steel).

I fully encourage everyone with a child in their life to try the kids Camelbak bottles (get one for yourself too). They're as easy as any sippy cup to drink from (it's just a straw) and spill proof too. I feel so much better with Monkey girl drinking water throughout the day when she's thirsty. It's been kind of life changing. Discovering Camelbak has been good for my whole family and I'm thankful to have found them.

Mommy 2 Monkeys was provided with a sample for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received (in fact I bought all my other Camelbaks myself) and the views expressed here are my own.


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  3. Ooo...David has a red one like the tall blue one in your photo. I liked drinking out of it, so I got a black one for myself. I used to be really bad about forgetting to take water with me when I went to the gym to work out. For some reason having a water bottle that was mine (as opposed to one that was around the house from before we got married) made that easier. Silly, I know...but that's how I roll. :)

  4. Oh...and P.S. I also have a camelbak pack...the Women's L.U.X.E. It's meant for bikers, but I use it when I'm hiking and horseback riding. I think it holds like 3L. It also has tons of room for snacks, a small first aid kid, and a change of socks without being too bulky.

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