Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Hilton Bella Harbor

On our week long road trip earlier this month, we tried to break up our drive by stopping near Dallas the first night. Every time I've driven this route, I've loved driving by Lake Ray Hubbard (conveniently outside of Dallas). We decided to see if there was a hotel nearby so we could enjoy the lake we often admire. Luckily, we found the Hilton Bella Harbor situated right on the lake in Rockwall, TX and we made a reservation for one night. It was a long drive and we got a late start so we didn't arrive there until around midnight, but the drive across the lake was still nice. We were pleasantly surprised that the staff didn't bat an eye at our late arrival (we had called to say we'd be late, but didn't say how late).

The lobby was beautiful with a gorgeous light fixture and a waterfall feature that fascinated my daughter. Adjoining the lobby was a richly wood paneled study/library area. There was also a huge stone fireplace. We didn't get beyond the lobby because it was so late and we had the kids in tow, but there was a large, beautiful hallway that I presume led to their restaurant and other areas of the hotel. I didn't get to eat at the restaurant, but it has good reviews and I'd love to try it another time. I could see the pool area from one of the large windows in the lobby and it looks very inviting, especially the way it's situated right along the lakefront.

We were given a room with a lake view and our room was bigger than I expected. We had plenty of room to set up the pack and play for Bro Bro monkey and still have our bags convenient without having to form an obstacle course around the room. The furnishings were modern and elegant. I'm pretty sure that it was Silestone's Stellar Night quartz surface on the tables. I only know this because we've been looking at replacing our kitchen countertop with the same material. (I'll post more about that in the future because I'm hoping some of my readers can give me some help with the decision.)  The next morning I was preparing to take a shower and get ready to go, but we were missing a bottle of shampoo. We called the front desk and within 10 minutes they brought us two bottles of shampoo. Here's the view from our room, it would have been nicer if it weren't overcast and rainy that day.

The area around the hotel was also an unexpected surprise. There was a shopping area filled with restaurants, shops, and even a movie theater within walking distance of the hotel and along the lakefront. I hope the next time we visit, we'll be able to spend more time there. It's really perfect for families because you can enjoy the lake, swim in the pool, go to a movie, have various dining options and shopping without having to load up the kids in the car. I wouldn't mind a couple of days alone there with Dadda monkey since it's a beautiful elegant hotel. The hotel even has a full service spa.

I can't wait for my next visit so I can take advantage of the many amenities the Hilton Bella Harbor has to offer. We have another trip coming up in October and I'm hoping we can spend a couple of days there, but we'll have to see. We also haven't done any sightseeing in Dallas so maybe a trip dedicated to just that is in order.

Disclaimer: The first photo of the exterior of the hotel, the photo of the hotel room, and the last photo of Bella Harbor are taken from Hilton's website. The rest of the photos are my own. Mommy 2 Monkeys was not compensated, or even contacted in any way, for this review, I just thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

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