Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Happy Fiesta!

Another clear sign that I haven't fully embraced all that San Antonio has to offer is that I missed all of the Fiesta events this year. Fiesta is a huge, 11 day long, celebration held annually in San Antonio. I even had a heads up because my new hairdresser participates in one of the them. There are over 100 events and several of them look interesting to me. There's everything from A Taste of New Orleans to Cornyation (where they poke fun of politicians and current events). There are parades, an oyster bake, multiple musical performances, craft shows, and military tributes. There are a large amount of military personnel located in San Antonio, which is clearly evident to newcomers. There are 4 large bases here and I learned one of San Antonio's nicknames is Military City.

Monkey girl had fun watching the parades on TV and I think we're going to make sure we go in person next year. The Battle of Flowers is one of the biggest events. It started when a group of ladies gathered in front of the Alamo, in 1891, to honor the heroes of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. The parade surprised me with how many participants there were from all over the country. Apparently the Flambeau Parade is the largest illuminated evening parade in the nation.We'll make sure to attend next year. Happy Fiesta!

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