Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Moving Tip #1

As you may have gathered, we're moving half way across the country to the DC area. Dadda monkey is already working out there, which has left me with all the packing. We've had numerous movers come out to give us estimates, which are hard to garner online without opening yourself up to numerous phone calls and emails soliciting your business. By the way, a ball park estimate of having movers move a 4 bedroom house from South Texas to DC is about $10,000-12,000, just for sake of making things easier for other people.

We've decided to go with a u-pack service where they bring the moving truck and we're responsible for loading it. That also means we're  I'm doing all the packing. I came across this incredibly helpful tip that instead of buying expensive boxes to move larger TVs, you should scout neighbors' houses on trash day and look for any TV boxes they may have put out. Then you can use them for your own televisions. I am lucky to have an incredibly helpful group of neighbors that frequent a neighborhood forum. I put out a simple request for any one's old TV boxes and immediately got the 2 that I needed! That has quickly taken care of the TV packing (well, once I actually get someone to help me put them in the boxes).

Along the same lines, during the popular moving season (early June-July), you can look for other people moving in who might have moving boxes they wish to dispose of. Again, I'm fortunate to live in a neighborhood with a lot of military families and so there's often people moving in and out. I've already gathered multiple garment boxes and most of the boxes I'll need to pack up out stuff.


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