Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day! The monkeys are at Mother's Day Out, which is giving me one of the greatest gifts ever... some peace and quiet time to myself! I love my monkeys, but I cherish these moments I get to myself as well. I conveniently scheduled all my errands in the previous days so that I'd have nothing to do today. I can't believe my time is almost up and I have to leave to pick them up in about an hour. We'll have a special family Valentine's Day dinner when Dadda monkey gets home and tomorrow we get the luxury of having him home on a weekday so the monkeys will be excited (not that they know the difference between a weekday and a weekend though).

We've been up to some fun things here, involving our family, schedules, and responsibility that I can't wait to share soon. In the mean time, don't forget to carve out some quiet time for yourselves as well because Valentine's Day means loving yourself too!


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