Sunday, March 25, 2012

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HEB Specialties

Okay, I admit, when I first moved to San Antonio, I was extremely disappointed in my grocery store options. We had HEB... or HEB... or HEB. Yes, there's a Super Walmart and Super Target, but HEB is literally the only normal grocery store in town. In the beginning, I'd frequently stop by to pick up some of my old favorites only to be stunned that they didn't carry so many of my regular items. I'll give them credit though for offering an easy way to request items they don't regularly stock, but it took a while to adjust to the change. However, now I've been finding new things I really like at HEB that I'm sure I'll miss when we eventually move out of San Antonio.

A couple of my new staples are the BBQ seasoned chicken you get in the meat department as well as the cranberry gorgonzola turkey burgers (also found in the meat dept., but seasonally, and DELICIOUS), cowboy burgers, and the newly discovered Chocolate Mootopia. The Mootopia is a high protein low fat milk and is absolutely creamy and delicious (at least in the chocolate flavor). I heard about it through word of mouth and now it's a weekly purchase along with the Central Market organic milk nearby. Apparently too many people have been raving about the chocolate Mootopia because it was out of stock at our closest HEB last week. We made a side trip to another HEB a couple of days later and we went to check on their stock. They only had 2 left (of course we grabbed both), but I hope they start increasing production because clearly I'm not the only one in love with this new product. HEB, you've made my life much more comfortable after a brief transition period.


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