Sunday, February 6, 2011

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We Got Snow!

Our wish came true and on Friday morning, we woke up to a light blanket of beautiful white snow. It was only about a quarter of an inch, but that was enough to get everyone excited. Dadda monkey already had the day off, but most of San Antonio was shut down. I have to admit, while I was watching the news, I got some amusement out of watching people trying to make it around the city streets in their cars.

Monkey girl had been really eager to see snow for the first time so she was ecstatic when she looked out the window. We quickly got dressed and headed outside. Bro Bro monkey was still sleeping and I'm not sure how much of a memorable occasion it would be for him at 16 months old, so we let him continue to sleep. We knew we had to take advantage of the snow quickly before it started to melt. Monkey girl got to the driveway and laid down to make a snow angel. A lot of our neighbors were outside as well so it was a fun occasion. Monkey girl noticed our neighbors two little girls were out as well and proceeded to start a snowball fight. However, the snow we got was not the sticky kind so it just fell straight out of her mittens, but she had fun pretending to throw snowballs at everyone.

The one thing I didn't think of though was that the she was spending a lot of time playing with the snow in her hands and it was soaking through the knit mittens. Her hands were so cold and red when we came inside and they were hurting her as they warmed up. I'm going to have to find some snow mittens for both of them for any future snow adventures. However, it was still a lot of fun for everyone and the snow was all gone around noon. Next winter we're hoping to visit family in more snow prone areas. As for now, we're ready for 70-80 degree weather again!


  1. I would love one day of mountains of snow so the kids can enjoy in the wonder of it but then it would need to all be gone the next day so I could get back to my tank tops and flip flops!

  2. Aww, I'm glad she got some snow and had so much fun with it. The photos are really cute!

    We're rather burned out with all our snow and ice lately. The kids went out and built a snowman yesterday/today but they are pretty much down with the whole thing until next winter :-)


  3. I live in Atlanta so when it snows here we get very excited. I am originally from Ohio so I especially love it when it snows :)
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  4. Hi I found you through Pitch It To Me! I am now following you and was hoping you could follow me back. I would really appreciate it! I am from PA and the weather here in the winter is TERRIBLE!

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  5. So glad your family enjoyed the snow. right about now were sitting in about oh almost 20 inches I'd be happy to send you some lol

    stopped by to follow you hope you will do the same

  6. Yay for temporary snow! :) We have had snow for the past 3 months! I can't wait for it to go away! LOL

    Thanks so much for linking up with us the other day! I'm following you back! :)


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